Trusted, respected and connected, as a senior media professional and strategic thinker, I bring curiosity,  equanimity and an analytical perspective to my clients. 

My 30+ years of experience in film and television informs my strategic approach to research, policy and business development, as well as content acquisition and distribution. 

As a skilled team leader and collaborator across multiple disciplines driving proven creative and business results, I truly enjoy deriving insight to improve how we create, produce and tell our stories. 

Specialties: Strategy, writing and research, analysis, project management, policy, concept development, production, kids content curation & acquisition.

Major Brands: CBC Television, Winter Olympic Games, BBC Television and British Columbia's Knowledge Network.

About FERN


Fern Khobbuakli was born and raised in Thailand. With a strong interest in art and media, she decided to fly across the globe to Vancouver, Canada to pursue her dream of working in the industry. 

She attended Vancouver Film School and graduated with a major in producing and cinematography, in which she later worked as a Teaching Assistant. She has been working as a producer on several projects ever since. She also studied Business Administration and graduated with distinction from the British Columbia Institute of Technology. This has provided her with an opportunity to learn about the business side of the film industry, which has led her to work as a social media assistant at the Vancouver Short Film Festival. 

Driven by her dream of becoming a professional producer, she continues to learn ways to combine her academic experiences by incorporating creativity and business for further improvement.

What's in a name? 

Why Notio? Officially, it's Latin for an examination or enquiry.  And that's what we do - look into how things work, how they might change for the better and work towards improvements based on that knowledge.

Notio has its roots in the word knowledge or notus which is fitting.  It's a nod to the work I did at British Columbia's Knowledge Network, building up two top-performing kids brands and leading with trust.  

Notio is also singular and feminine, which particularly appeals. As for the third declension, well, that seems a little less important.  

Notio Media aims to explore, to investigate and to gain knowledge - work with us examine, enquire and improve your work, your business or your product.