Case Study - Looking back to look forward

Last month, I had the pleasure of joining my colleagues Andrew Williamson and Annelise Larson to present a case study at the Vancouver Web Festival on the release of SPIRAL, the scripted web series we produced this time last year.  Grateful for the opportunity to pass along our knowledge and tactics to fellow web series creators and producers, we took a good look at what helped SPIRAL find an audience. For those who missed our presentation, here are the top takeaways: 

  1. Plan for your series release at the very beginning of the process. You are in charge of the release, so optimize it!

  2. Research: Your ideas of what works may not be the same as your audience's ideas, so be prepared to adjust based on the data, not on your instincts

  3. Getting your cast to actively participate in the release plan is critical to success. 

  4. You can never take enough good photos of your cast. So many photos…

  5. Pre-release buzz & anticipation requires very different tactics and level of responsiveness on social media than the releasing content phase 

  6. Be ready to change your plans 

  7. Optimized supplemental content is critical for discoverability

  8. Create space for your fans to express themselves and engage with one another

Thank you to the Vancouver Web Fest for the opportunity to present and to my fearless and fabulous colleagues Andrew and Annelise!  

Watch the SPIRAL series here: 


Lisa Purdy