A VOD love affair...

Is it the long winters? The isolation? Or perhaps our voracious appetite for stories?  No matter the reason,  Canadians do love their paid streaming video services and their appetite is growing. We binge, we stack and along the way, we increase our broadband usage. 

Digging deeper into the major video subscriptions available for Canadians in 2016, we see Canadians with paid Netflix subscriptions show a tendency to stack OTT services, while also saying they have reduced their pay television service in the past 12 months. We also see that paid subscribers spend significantly more per month on their internet, cell phone and home monitoring services, with close to half of the subscribers having unlimited broadband plans.

Take a closer look at Netflix, (now sadly defunct) Shomi and CraveTV growth in 2016 by key demographic, including customer profiles, and trending data on likelihood to continue subscription.

How can the Canadian content distribution industry best capitalize on Canadian’s warm embrace of streaming video?

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Disclosure: Lisa Purdy is a Board Member for CTAM Canada. A version of this article has been published to Linked In. 

Lisa Purdy