TV shows designed for 20-somethings...or not

There’s a 3-camera sitcom that launched on Global in Fall 2016 called “The Great Indoors”. From CBS studios, this workplace comedy stars hottie/cynic Joel McHale from Arrested Development who must manage the Millennials in the Outdoor Magazine that is moving from print to digital. He’s got actual outdoor adventure credentials, while the kids at the office can do anything with the digital tools that surround them, they’ve got no resilience, no life experience. From this fish out of water premise, comedy ensues.

If “The Great Indoors” is a strategy to get Millennials to watch traditional television in a traditional ecosystem, we are all in trouble. Not just because it’s a middling comedy, but because it presumes that only the “olds” are watching television and therefore we can chuckle at the expense of those young kids.  Cynical indeed.

Lisa Purdy