Screenplays, again

When I first started working in film and television I was lucky enough to be paid as a script reader, a fabulous place to learn about the creative side of the business and see how words on the page get realized on the screen.   I was still in university, writing papers, so it was a natural extension.   

Pretty soon I was swamped in scripts, piles of them perched on the bedside table, stuffed into a tote bag and taken along to the office and back each day.  There never seemed to be enough time to read through huge stacks that resulted from a call for entries or short film contest. Nevertheless, I augmented my assigned script reading with copies of recently produced features to better understand how the process worked.   

Flash forward 20+ years and I'm back at it again, reviewing those sparse words of dialogue and direction on paper, imagining how they will come alive through the creative process, with the added (and very fun) challenge of thinking about the story and characters on social platforms.  

Funny enough, I also got handed a copy of Manchester by the Sea, this year's Oscar winner for Best Original Screenplay, so I'll be reading that too.  Some things never change.

Lisa Purdy