Podcasts for the Curious

Welcome to Notio Media. When not strategizing and meeting with partners, we like to get that sweet infusion of new ideas and new viewpoints.  Here's an incomplete list of what's in the podcast queue:

This American Life  The ground zero of podcasts and really, who needs to include this on a list of recommended podcasts? But just in case you haven't heard of it, it's the foundation course that never disappoints.  Driven by host Ira Glass who pioneered the art form and entirely driven by curiosity. Which is a wonderful way to work.   Ira is to podcasting what David Attenborough is to natural history programming.  

RadioLab - Big ideas science meets sound design.  Pairs seasoned science journalist (Robert Krulwich) with sound designer/radio host Jad Abamrad together to explore science in the modern world.  Most podcast listening feels intensely personal, but the rambling and engaging storytelling makes this perfect family listening on long rides.

Serial - Season-long investigation into cases that aren’t what they appear.  Season 1 is about a botched murder trial in the US, Season 2 is about a US army deserter in Afghanistan.  The two reporters bring a very personal touch and lots of curiosity to their reporting. Season 3 of Serial is scheduled to start in March 2017. 

Planet Money - economic theories, explained.  They had me at the “Giant Pool of Money” episode which deftly explains the 2008 financial crisis.  Host Adam Davidson went on to co-write The Big Short with director Adam McKay, which is proof itself that Adam and team are committed to making dry financial information come alive. 

Science Vs. - Australian science journalist Wendy Zukerman uses the scientific method to examine topical issues and put them to the test of cold, calculating, lovely science. Topics include: gun control, the G-Spot, fracking, attachment parenting.  

Hidden Brain - social sciences presented by a very thoughtful presenter.  Talks about phenomena such as confirmation bias, broken window theory and examines other commonly held beliefs in the field of social sciences.

Under the Influence - Canada's Terry O'Reilly explains advertising on this CBC podcast. Story-driven and entertaining, a recent episode recalls his pitch for the show: "advertising is like architecture, it surrounds us, but we know very little about it."  Terry unpacks it all, with strong storytelling skills, impeccable research and a great sense of humour. 

Two Dope Queens - Comedians Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams are hilarious together, with incredible chemistry and candid talk about a range of topics that we don't normally hear. The podcast is also a showcase for comedians who perform their acts in front a live studio audience, so it's kinda like an old school variety show in podcast form, but not the sanitized kind.


Lisa Purdy