Marketing a Web Series: The Casting

About this time last year, I was on set for the scripted web series called SPIRAL, joining as a producer to pull together all the visual elements and develop the brand look, feel and voice that we would need to promote our web series upon release.  Aside from the trailer, which our ace editor delivered, all of the bits and pieces that would help our series launch fell to me and my trusty team of colleagues, an Executive Producer and Transmedia Producer.  My colleagues had been working through the SEO strategy, finding keywords, researching and writing evergreen content and planning out our release schedule. 

Joining the team as casting about to begin, we set about finding the right mix of talent to bring our series alive. During the process, we looked very carefully at performances - and ensured that we had a varied mix of experience and as it now turns out, a mix of fans that followed our cast on social media.  And we were so lucky with our cast - they dove right into their roles and showed up with a tremendous amount of energy and craft and commitment.   Find all about them here:

During production, we encouraged the cast to post from behind the scenes with only our series hashtag, series title and definitely no spoilers.  Well before our official release, we started to understand our new fans and their behaviour, what excited them, how they spoke and reacted to different pairings and the energy they put into fan art and supporting the cast that they closely identify with. As we got closer to our series release date, there was a fever pitch of speculation and excitement from fans, and an insatiable appetite for images of our cast.  It's fair to say that our cast propelled a huge amount of interest in SPIRAL and for that energy and commitment we are grateful.  

  • This is the first of a series of of posts about Marketing a Web Series, from a Case Study presentation at the Vancouver Web Fest.


Left to right: SPIRAL stars Brennan Clost, Cody Kearsley and Corteon Moore.  Photo courtesy Brennan Clost


Lisa Purdy