What does Notio mean?

Why Notio?  And what's the meaning? Officially, it's Latin for an examination or enquiry. 

Notio has its roots in the word knowledge or notus which is fitting.   I was looking for a meaningful name for my new venture and I'd just left five fulfilling years working at the Knowledge Network Corporation, building up two kids brands and building loads of new expertise.  Notio is also singular and feminine, which particularly appeals. As for the third declension, well, that seems a little less important. 

Other meanings of Notio include becoming aware, being acquainted, or idea, enquiry and investigation.  Love that Latin has the fluidity to be verb and noun. 

Notio Media aims to explore,  to investigate and to gain knowledge - all in the pursuit of our goals to learn, build and grow.  Work together with us to build on your idea, your line of enquiry as we grow your brand, your business or your product.   We look forward to working with you. 

Lisa Purdy